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January 14th, 2017Gold SeasonNot NearlyGo For Broke
February 11th, 2017GleewoodCurtis WardleRJ Diggins
March 4th, 2017Folk HoganBelief SocietyJeff Dillon
January 28th, 2017Danger 5Blackford BluesVERA
February 3rd, 2017Sales & Co.The Wednesday PeopleGiants In The Oak Tree
February 18th, 2017PanthermilkMojave NomadsCoral Bones
February 17th, 2017SegoSWIMMIvouries
February 24th, 2017The Young NorthJohn AllredKitfox
January 18th, 2017WhySlam
January 13th, 2017Oli KSilver & GoldOversleptScott FerrinThe Young North
January 20th, 2017Comedy Night
January 26th, 2017TelepathiqPINEDJ Vission
January 27th, 2017The Tom Call Sextet
February 10th, 2017Street Def Hip Hop Showcase: Throwback
February 25th, 2017The Atlas GroveRJ Diggins
March 3rd, 2017The Last Lost ContinentSunsleeperDoctor Barber
March 25th, 2017Smile Event Productions PresentsBrothers BrimmThe Treebeard Trio
March 6th, 2017StocksmileSummer LightsThe Open Door PolicyMother Lights
March 11th, 2017GLifeFamily Grind Ent.Black Lion
March 18th, 2017World Class Jazz in Cache ValleyKobie WatkinsCorey Christiansen
March 20th, 2017KingdomsMilitantThe OptimistObviateCorona Borealis
March 21st, 2017A Light Among Many
March 22nd, 2017The Opskamatrists
March 24th, 2017The Home Team20 Stories FallingLost Pages
April 19th, 2017RosedalePhat JesterLost PagesDenouement
April 15th, 2017HycieSeptember Say GoodbyeCarry On, KidThis Nomad Heart
March 10th, 2017Cinders
March 30th, 2017The Critical ShakesFarewell, Nick WanInterwoven
March 31st, 2017VERAIsabel ForinashThe Gatherers
April 1st, 2017Sex RoomSalduroIndiscriminate
April 14th, 2017The RompstompersThe Last Lost ContinentWired For Havoc
April 22nd, 2017Fat PawHilkat Johnson
April 21st, 2017Danger 5
April 29th, 2017Jill JohnsonRetirementCallie Harper
April 28th, 2017Vinny Steez
May 6th, 2017The SlantsDetour
May 12th, 2017Major Tom & The MoonboysCephas
May 13th, 2017The Wednesday PeopleThe MysticLovely Noughts
April 12th, 2017Beatnik Bebop
April 6th, 2017Logan City Limits I
April 7th, 2017Logan City Limits II
April 8th, 2017Logan City Limits III
May 19th, 2017PanthermilkMood BeachButter
May 5th, 2017Rock People Scissors CharityMy New MistressIndiscriminate
May 20th, 2017Candy's River HouseBreezeway
May 26th, 2017PINEFalse WitnessMadame Zena
May 27th, 2017The Young North
June 3rd, 2017Scheming ThievesThe MakewaysJail City Rockers
June 16th, 2017Home BurialLUCA
May 27th, 2017The Young NorthThe Habitat
June 10th, 2017Veiger
June 17th, 2017BASS CAVEEDM Night hosted by STUZZ
October 13th, 2017EarthestaEarthesta